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Oct. 8, 2011

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Rice Coach David Bailiff
"That was a lot of fun to win a conference game and four in a row at home and I don't know when it was the last time the defense did not give up a touchdown in a game here. I'm proud of the defensive coaches, proud of the execution, and how hard those kids played. They bent a couple of times, but didn't break even after a turnover when they were already in field goal range and made them settle for a field goal.

"Offensively, we've still got to figure out a way to get into more of a rhythm. We have a lot of talent over there and we're five games into the season.

"I thought our special teams were really solid. Mario Hull really did some nice things. He just looks like a natural fluid athlete and he makes you nervous sometimes - those `boos turn into yeahs' he looks natural and confident back there."

On Jared Williams' interception return:
"That was unbelievable. When he did that, that's when the kids said `we're going to do this.' When Jared got it and he's fast for his size it was nice to see him separate out of that pile."

Rice Defensive End Jared Williams
On his interception return for a touchdown
"It felt great. I played a lot of offense in high school so when you see that ball in the air you want to take it and it all comes back to you. It felt great to be in the end zone again with your team all around you. As coach said, it was a big momentum builder for the team coming into the second half."

On not allowing a touchdown today
"In all of our games, we've played pretty solid but we've given up some big plays. Those big plays have come on assignment errors. I'm not sure how many busts we had, but I think we played, as a defense, pretty solid. We played the game we can play and we know going into next week (vs. Marshall), that's the kind of game we can play if we don't have assignment errors. I think that is huge."

On working against a faster tempo during the week
" The game slowed down this week. Everybody was comfortable before the snap and we were getting all our calls in and that lets us play fast once the ball is snapped."

On matching his roommate Xavier Webb with a defensive score this year
"His was 96 yards, but mine was a pick. He's a DB, so really it's kind of reversed. I probably am the one that should have got the fumble recovery."

On the energy the defense showed
" It's like anything. When the defense is playing well, you're feeling great. Everyone is flying around and no one gets fatigued."

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