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Sept. 26, 2010

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Baylor head coach Art Briles

On capitalizing on long passing plays:
"We hit a couple of big plays in the first half and one in the second (half). I know Kendall (Wright) caught one and Josh (Gordon) caught one. We were trying to be methodical throughout the night. We knew Rice would be very intelligent defensively and have a good scheme on offense, which they did and they?re well coached. We knew we had to fight for everything we got. We just happened to hit a couple of big plays that helped us."

On delay:
"We just came in and regrouped and talked about having a strong endurance. We only get one chance, one shot and we got to take it while we got it."

On bouncing back after last week's loss:
"The way I look is that we got 12 seasons. Season number four was tonight? We won season number four. Now, we'll move on to season number five."

On Baylor defense:
"That touchdown at the end burns and hurts a little bit because and it all goes back to momentum. We start on our two and drive down to their two or three and miss a field goal. All of a sudden they get a little spurt and a couple of plays and make it a little more interesting than it should have been at the end. Because nothing is safe until there?s no time left on the clock."

On field goals:
"You've got to score touchdowns. We kind of bogged down a little bit in the red zone without a doubt. Percentage-wise tonight was not bad as long you're playing good defense and were playing good defense that three was going to be okay."

On Robert Griffin running:
"It's just something we've got to get into doing a little bit more. We want to run the ball better fortunately we got into a game where we could. We tried it previous times and just haven't been a situation where we could do it. So, tonight it worked out well for us and our guys up front did a job blocking. They really did."

Rice Head Coach David Bailiff
"It's really about the same. The little things we got to get better doing. We have to get an accumulation of those little ones to get the big thing. That's what I have been talking about. We start that game we got a rhythm offensively. We get a fourteen play drive, but we get in the red zone and come away with a field goal again. We have got to get touchdowns when we are getting those field goals. We don't have that margin of error when we get down there to continue to kick field goals. We need to come out of there with touchdowns. That was a point of emphasis last week and obviously we got to continue to make gains in that side of the field. We come back with an eleven play drive. Then we have the delay from the lightning, and come back and it looks like we have lost all focus and can't do anything right. That is mental toughness and that's me. I have to continue to grow these young men up and do a better job. Defensively, even on the two long plays we have somebody right there. We have to make plays. I thought the football team played extremely hard. Our malfunction on the punt was just a mental error where a kid tried to close the wall to fast and the ball hadn't passed. We got to continue to work to get better and eliminate those mistakes. That's where we are at right now. We got a lot of people playing extremely hard in all phases of the game. We're just not getting the win."

(on making the same points to team about mistakes every week)
"Absolutely, Its Rice can't beat Rice. You can't have that. It starts with me and it has to filter down. It's unacceptable. Guys are getting penalties and they shouldn't be getting them. It's not the freshman. We have to eliminate those mistakes that are costing us points and costing us yardage."

(on what was talked about during the delay)
"We were in there on the countdown. We met positionally. We went over everything to try and start fast and pick up where we left off. The defense got a three and out, and we're thinking ok here we go. It's going to be alright, and we immediately throw an interception on a screen. We can't have those kinds of mistakes. "

(on Sam McGuffie)
"Sam has got to figure in our offense more and more each week. As he learns more, we are going to continue to use Sam more and try to get him in space. I thought tonight that was one of the things we did well tonight."

(On Nick Fanuzzi)
"He did some things really well. We still need to work on Nick and his decision making. At times, the sack when we were in the red zone again and we lost points because of it. He has to learn how to get rid of the ball. He did a lot of things well tonight."

(on maybe putting Taylor Cook in during the second half)
"We thought about it, but we wanted to get Nick through the game."

(on the defense)
"Our defense has really done some nice things this whole season. Even the two big plays they gave up tonight, they had corners right there with them. One was an underthrown fade. That is probably the hardest route there is to cover in football. The other was right there with him. In opportunities like that it turns into who is the play maker. We are making our share. The touchdown right there before half stung us. The got the ball on the three yard line. We just gotta make plays. I think our defense has performed well the last four weeks."

(more on Fanuzzi)
"With Nick, that's us. We have to continue to work that kid. That's coach's responsibility to get kids in position to be successful. We obviously have to work harder in some of these positions to do that. Everything in this program starts with me and ends with me."

Scott Mitchell (Sr., OL)
"Tonight you saw what our offense can do when we're clicking. We had an 11-play drive and a 14-play drive. We were moving the ball. It?s frustrating making mistakes after showing how good we can be. The little things add up when we make silly mistakes that we shouldn't be making. I'm a senior and I had a holding penalty that took us out of field goal range.

"We were focused at the break, but it didn't go our way. We need to be a mature team and be able to put bad things behind us."

Cheta Ozougwu (Sr., DE)
"In all three phases of the game we missed a lot of opportunities.

"We'll have to look at the film and work to get better. We can't continue to make the same mistakes. That's something we have to get over."

(After the delay)
"We didn't come out with the same intensity that we had the first time. There's a lot of 'what ifs' we could say about ourselves on a lot of plays. We have to dominate each play the entire game and we have to focus on each play."

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