David Bailiff Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 24, 2017

Opening statement:

"It was a game that we had an opportunity to win. The defense really held them to 13 points. They broke one long run and Brian Womac made an unbelievable effort to tackle him on the six (yard line) and we held them to a field goal. Our defense is performing at a high-level. They're executing and doing some nice things. Our special teams have really played well. Our only disappointment was that (Austin Trammmell) needs to know where he is on the field. But, our offense continues to struggle. We had a touchdown called back because of a holding penalty. We had another long run called back when we got it down to the four-yard line and were called for holding. We had three turnovers. You come up here and it's the same message. It's an inconsistent offense. We are going everything we can. We're trying to simplify it. For the quarterbacks, when Sam (Glaesmann) was hurt, he missed three weeks of development. He's going to be a great player. But, it takes game reps at the position. We're still going to get Miklo (Smalls) some reps at that position to make sure that he's confident. But, we have to get consistent. You can't lose the turnover battle every week and expect to win football games. We gave up three. One of them they scored points on and we only got one back. We have got to get offensively where we're performing and scoring points. You're not going to do that scoring seven points a game.

"LA Tech is an incredible football team. Skip Holtz has made them a model of consistency since he arrived over there. They're not putting up the big numbers offensively that they have (in the past), but, they could easily be 6-1 instead of 3-4. They are very solid defensively. Skip will have them ready to play.

"Individually, they have some really fine talent. Their running back is up in their record books. They have a massive offensive line. They're really what you expect LA Tech to look like on both sides of the football.

"We're looking forward to playing. We're looking forward to being at home. We're going to keep working. The only way to get through the hard times is to keep working. The team is still upbeat and energetic and we're just trying to get a win."

On how the team is mentally with injuries:

"You get Sam (Stewart) back and you get Kenny Thompson back and then they get hurt during the game. So we didn't' have them back for long. Joseph Dill filled in at guard and, I thought, really played well."

On Brian Womac's performance at UTSA:

"Brian Womac had a once and a lifetime performance. His performance last Saturday was one of the best individual performances that I've seen."

On how frustrating all the injuries are:

"The hard part is injuries is that we've built some nice depth in the (defensive line) with Brian Womac and Preston Gordon has really played well. Offensively, we're not quite there with the depth that we have in the defensive line. But, Joseph Dill is getting better every time he steps on the field, as is Crockett Mokry. You hate it for those players. The hard part in the (offensive) line is that there is so much continuity there. It was Cory Klinger, then it was Ken Thompson and now it goes to Joe. But, we still have four veteran offensive linemen and we have to make it happen."

On how they are utilizing Miklo Smalls:

"That's what we have to continue to work with. It's a shame the Army game started the way it did for him. So, we're trying to give him some plays now to keep him confident, keep him sharp and keep him moving. At the same time, with Sam (Glaesmann) missing all those games. He missed three games of development earlier in the year. There's going to be growing pains with both of them and we're going through it."

On Sam Glaesmann's decision-making:

"He's a young quarterback. That's the hard part at that position. There's a lot that you're processing during the play. From one-high safety to two-high safeties to what's coming. He's made some really great decisions and he's made some poor decisions. You look at all the young quarterbacks across the country and there's a lot of growing pains. It just how it is. Taylor McHargue, when he was a freshman and sophomore, had a lot of struggles. But by the time he was a junior and senior, he was a pretty good football player. That's what young guys do. They make a mistake but they get better every rep."

On the team's goals:

"We're not going to change that. We still want to go to a bowl game. That's part of our expectations. We're not where we thought we'd be, but that's what we sure want to do and that's what the guys are working to do."

On if this is a must win game:

"We already have enough pressure on us offensively. Once you start saying you must win, you don't want to add more pressure to them. You want to add more fun. Playing football should be like driving a car. You realize you're all the way to Conroe and you think 'God, that was easy.' Not driving with two hands on the wheel with a lot of pressure. You can't keep adding pressure to them. We just have to keep working with them. We have to keep demanding that they do things right. They're doing what we ask them to do. We just have to continue to work with them. But you can't say this is a must win and add more pressure to them."

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