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Max Guercy's Chinese Expedition

June 13, 2016

By: Max Guercy

The last two weeks in China have seen us doing a lot of traveling. We have been going to different cities in the last couple of days. We have been touring and meeting the fans at multiple meet and greets and getting to tour the city. Throughout this experience, it has definitely been wonderful seeing the different type of arts that China has to offer. Also, in every city there are new fans who greet us as if we were American superstars.

We are on tour now with a professional team from Chicago called the Steam. They are from the inner city and came out here to play against us. We are now a joined team to play against the Chinese National team. We have now 14 players on the roster against the Chinese national team.

One thing that I've had to get used to is the food. It was definitely unique at first although I didn't try everything. Some foods were very tasty. Rice is a staple for every meal including breakfast so it's definitely something to get used to.

I've been playing well so far going against pro guys for the first time and learning a lot of things as well. It's a lot different than college. You have to do everything on your own and it's especially harder when you don't know the language. At the pro level, it is a faster paced game with a 24 second shot clock. You have to adjust and make quicker decisions with only 24 seconds instead of the 35 seconds that you get in the college game. I can't wait to compete against the national team in the next few days.

One of the most unusual things to happen is that after my best game I was holding children up to take pictures, but also holding a pregnant women's stomach and taking a picture. It was the first time I've ever done that. Luckily, we have a team translator that helps us out with everything. He helps to take care of food, hotels and if people wanted to talk to us he will translate for us. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

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