Women's Tennis

Bulldogs Outlast Owls

March 27, 2016

Box Score

By Chuck Pool (cpool@rice.edu)

Katherine Ip and Solomiya Zinko won in straight sets and Emily Smith picked up a victory in three-sets, but the 54th ranked Rice women's tennis team saw a furious comeback come up just short and the host Yale Bulldogs held on for a 4-3 win at the Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center in New Haven, Connecticut on Sunday.

Yale took an early lead by capturing the doubles point, and stormed out to leads on four of six singles courts with 6-1 verdicts on each, but the Owls found their footing and force the outcome to be decided in a pair of three-set matches.

After Yale extended its lead to 3-0 with wins on courts one and four, Ip and Zinko closed the margin to 3-2 with straight set wins. Smith fought off a 6-1 loss in her first set to even the match with a second-set tie break win and then cruised to a 6-2 win in the third set.

The outcome hinged on the result on court five, but Alison Ho fell just short, dropping an 8-6 tiebreaker in the third set to end the match.

"Despite some tough results the last few weeks our team continues to fight and grow," head coach Elizabeth Schmidt said. "Turning a match from 3-0 down to giving ourselves a chance to win shows what this team is capable of. We have to just continue to put it all out there every day, fight, and believe because we are very capable of finishing strong."

Schmidt's Owls will be back on the road next weekend when travel to Tampa to take on South Florida on Saturday.

Tennis Match Results
Rice vs Yale
3/27/2016 at New Haven, Ct
(Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center)
Yale 4, #54 Rice 3

Singles competition
1. Madeleine Hamilton (YALE) def. Lindsey Hodge (RICE) 6-1, 7-6 (7-4)
2. Katherine Ip (RICE) def. Ree Ree Li (YALE) 6-4, 6-3
3. Emily Smith (RICE) def. Tina Jiang (YALE) 1-6, 7-5, 6-2
4. Sherry Li (YALE) def. Savannah Durkin (RICE) 6-1, 6-4
5. Courtney Amos (YALE) def. Alison Ho (RICE) 6-1, 1-6, 7-6 (8-6)
6. Solomiya Zinko (RICE) def. Carol Finke (YALE) 6-2, 7-6 (8-6)

Doubles competition
1. Madeleine Hamilton/Tina Jiang (YALE) def. Lindsey Hodge/Alison Ho (RICE) 6-0
2. Ree Ree Li/Carol Finke (YALE) def. Katherine Ip/Emily Smith (RICE) 7-5
3. Savannah Durkin/Solomiya Zinko (RICE) def. Sherry Li/Caroline Lynch (YALE) 6-4
Match Notes:
Rice 7-8; National ranking #54
Yale 6-8
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3,2); Singles (4,1,2,6,3,5)

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