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Women's Soccer


Oct. 28, 2013

Meet the Owls on the Rice soccer team in the Q & A feature Just For Kicks. In today's edition goalkeeper Kara Dugallanswers the hard-hitting questions.

Full name: Kara Nicole Dugall

My favorite movie is: Remember the Titans

My favorite book is: Where the Red Fern Grows

My favorite web site is: anything that helps me procrastinate studying

My favorite CD or music artist is: anything country!

My pet peeve is: when people smack their gum

My favorite meal at the Rice servery is: Baker breakfast

My favorite class at Rice is: Nutrition with Roberta Anding

I chose to attend Rice because: the balance between great academics and soccer

What I like most about college life at Rice is: The residential college system

I knew I had gone off to college when: I had to wake myself up in the mornings!

One person (but a non athlete) I would like to meet is: Ryan Reynolds

My favorite moment of my soccer career so far: winning the 5A State Championship in high school

So far in my career, I've probably been through this many pair of soccer shoes: too many to count, but probably at least twice as many gloves!

Who got me interested in soccer: my parents

The very first kids' soccer team I ever played for was nicknamed: The Little Bears

The best soccer advice I ever had was: Always give 100 percent!

My favorite sport besides soccer is: basketball

The Rice team I like to watch play their sport: baseball

I describe myself as: competitive and determined

My favorite expression Coach Nicky uses: "I LOVE SOCCER!"

Other than myself, the Rice Owl to keep an eye on this season is: Ruthie

The Rice soccer player with the best non-soccer talent: Caroline Scruggs' mad dancing skills

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