Signing Day 2012: Careful how you choose to make your point


Owls' cornerback coach Larry Edmondson recalls the danger of using props to make a point.  


"I was at Southern Miss and our head coach, Curley Hallman and I were making an in-home visit. Coach Hallman was making a point about the values he expected in his recruits and he extended his hands to the recruit and his parents and said 'Now, I have three rings on my hands. I have my wedding ring, my class ring, and a national championship ring.  Which one do you think is the most important?' The point he was trying to make was the class ring was the most important because it represented the commitment to receiving his degree.  But the recruit answered that he liked the national championship ring. Coach Hallman kept trying to make his point, but each time he asked, the recruit kept saying how much he liked the championship ring.  He asked coach if he could hold it and as he pulled it off his finger, coach dropped it and it fell in the ventilation vent on the floor.   We spent the next hour of the visit trying to get that ring out of the vent.   We wound up signing the player, but it sure wasn't on the strength of that home visit."
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