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May 5, 2011

Rice Director of Athletics Rick Greenspan welcomes your questions about Rice Athletic and will answer them online on a regular basis. If you'd like to submit a question in the future, please go to our online form and submit your question

This answer is in response to several questions (including two people in this Ask the AD segment) we have received about our baseball radio broadcast.

Leonard and James,

When our previous signal (KTRU) was no longer option, we had extensive deliberations as to our best course of action. We felt that our best option was to broadcast every game over the web and to provide an in-stadium option for fans who wanted to supplement their ballpark experience at Reckling Park. We also saw an opportunity in this format to enhance the overall presentation of each game. We added pre and post-game shows and have had several former Rice Owl baseball players on the broadcast from time to time. These postgame interviews have also become part of postgame highlight package on, another new feature. To address the lack of an over-the-air presence, we added a weekly radio show featuring Coach Graham at Prince's Hamburgers. We have one of the premier baseball programs in the country and one of the finest collegiate baseball coaches of all time and we are proud highlight this is in a community of 4 million people and use it to help promote our program.

We also received questions about the broadcast team. In order to offer every game to our fans, we utilize a team of announcers. J.P. Heath is in his third year of calling games and brings a great deal of dedication and energy to each game. David Brady brings extensive experience at the professional baseball level to his assignments, in addition to his role as the host of the Wayne Graham Show. Occasionally, J.P. and David are unavailable for games and we have called on David Saltzman and Clifford Morris, more recognizable and the play-by-play voices for Rice basketball, to step in. Jonathan Yardley, who called Rice games while an undergraduate and who now handles the broadcast chores for the Houston Dynamo, has also occasionally returned to the Reckling broadcast booth as a substitute. There has been a strong tradition of undergraduates calling games at Rice and are sophomore Ryan Glassman, has taken on an ever more prominent role as the season has progressed.

My daughter is interested in cross country/track at Rice and also would like to major in music. Has it been your experience that student-athletes are able to do both at Rice?

While I do not profess to know the specific requirements of our music school, I do know that it's one of the finest music programs in the country. In talking with our academic advisors, we have had only one music major in recent years and that the challenge of being a music major and an athlete are that both programs require a great deal of practice outside of the classroom. However, since track is not a structured team sport compared to football, basketball, etc., I would suggest that if your daughter is interested in Rice, to set up a visit with our coaching staff and our academic staff to learn more. Our women's track coach is Jim Bevan and our Director of Academic Advising is Julie Griswold. Ms. Griswold has been at Rice for 25 years and is very knowledgeable of the various majors and would be a tremendous resource. Please refer to the Staff Directory on our website for their contact information.

Do you plan to have the David Bailiff show at a bar next year or do you plan to have it in the R-Room which I prefer.


We will look for another location this year for the David Bailiff, but from a marketing standpoint and to make the show more inclusive, we are committed to hold the event in a community location. The fact that we added the component of a weekly radio show last year enables us to generate revenue and expand our fan base. I am of the opinion when virtually every 1-A program in the state of Texas has some type of radio show in the Houston market, it is very important that we have one for perception and recruiting. Having the show at community helps us defray the expenses associated with the show without having to reach out to donors who already support the program in other ways. One change we are planning for next year is to have more student-athletes at the show each week. Some of the feedback we have received from people who have frequented the shows over the years have been that the interaction with our student-athletes is a highlight of the evening.

I read a story where other universities give student-athletes valuable internships due to unique contacts with alumni and others associated with the university. Does Rice afford their student-athletes these types of opportunities?


Rice does an excellent job of not only providing internship opportunities for its student-athletes but also with job placement networking upon graduation. Assistant Athletic Director Suzanne Boue, a Rice graduate, leads this program and does an excellent job. The feedback we from business leaders and employers consistently is that they seek out Rice student-athletes because they compete in the classroom against some of the best students in the world and they learn the teamwork and competitiveness which is necessary to be successful athletically at the Division I level. All of our programs are carefully monitored by our compliance staff to ensure compliance with NCAA rules.

What was the name of the football coach in 1980-82?


Our coach during that era was Ray Alborn

How old do you have to be to work the boy's soccer camps?


Rice does not have a men's soccer program but the camps run by our head women's soccer coach Nicky Adams are open to both boys and girls. Generally speaking, decisions as to who works individual sports camps are based on experience rather than age.

I have an 8th grade son who has a dream of playing baseball for Rice university. He enters high school next year and has the opportunity to apply for a university prep program which could enable him to earn up to 60 college credits upon graduation. His hesitation in applying for this program would be if it would in any way interfere with his dream. I am interested in your ideas about this.


Generally speaking my advice to young people is to challenge themselves academically at the highest level possible. The higher the academic achievement, the greater the opportunities and numbers of options that will await your son upon his high school graduation. According to our Director of Academic Services Julie Griswold who has been at Rice for 25 years, even though the program may be dual credit, any credit earned that counts toward his high school graduation will not count as college credit at Rice. I would recommend strongly that your son's high school counselor reaches out to our Admissions Department at Rice so you and your son are well versed on Rice's requirements and how this program may impact him should he be admitted and ultimately choose to attend Rice.

My wife loves Rice and I want to surprise her with some monogrammed towels with the Rice R since it also works with my last name. What font or style is the Rice R?


The Rice R is a takeoff of the Old English Black Letter R. We have a simple process for requests of this nature. Our "R" mark is administered by the Collegiate Licensing Company and our representative is very helpful - her name is Sarah Youngdale. There is a process for using the R for this purpose and items for re-sale. Simply email Sarah at and she can help you.

My son is a 6-8 and plays high school basketball in Texas. He would like to join the Rice basketball team. Could you tell us how we need to go about joining the team?


Contact our men's basketball staff at 713-348-4075 and ask for our Director of Basketball Operations Ms. Gaelyn Rose. She will provide you the information regarding how members of the team are selected.

Where are all of the trophies that used to be in Autry Court lobby?


When Tudor Fieldhouse underwent renovation, the trophies were moved and are now in storage. In the new renovation, there was not ample trophy space to display all of the trophies. We will continue to explore options as we move forward to locate space to properly and respectfully display the trophies.

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