<b>Rice Greenspan</b><br>Rice Athletics Director


Greenspan Appointed to NCAA Championship Cabinet

Dec. 9, 2011

Rice Director of Athletics, Recreation and Lifetime Fitness Rick Greenspan is one of 10 college athletic administrators who have been appointed to four-year terms to serve on the NCAA Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet.

The 31-member Cabinet, which represents all of the multisport athletic conferences in the NCAA, oversees the Division I Championships and provides leadership at a national level for Division I sports programs, sports committees and sports issues committees. The NCAA Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet is one of six Division I cabinets that report to the Leadership Council and Legislative Council. All policy issues go to the Leadership Council and all legislative issues go to the Legislative Council. This cabinet meets two times annually (February and September) with a conference call in June if needed.

In addition to the administrators, one member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee shall serve as a member of the cabinet in an advisory capacity and may serve on the cabinet up to one year after completion of his or her intercollegiate athletics eligibility.

The cabinet has oversight authority on the following areas: NCAA Division I National Championships and National Collegiate Championships; Sports sciences issues, including injury surveillance, drug education and drug testing; Playing and practice seasons; Olympic sports issues; Sports and sports issues committees.

Greenspan will serve as the Conference USA representative on the Cabinet and his term will run through July of 2015.

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