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JUST FOR KICKS! Meet The Rice Soccer Team - Annie Kadota

Oct. 18, 2010

Junior forward Annie Kadota has made five-straight starts for a Rice soccer team that is enjoying one of its best seasons in years, but the challenges continue this week. On the field the Owls must play at Memphis and UAB. Off the field Kadota must face a rugged series of Just For Kicks questions.

Full name: Anne Ostrom Kadota

My Rice College: Jones

Nickname my teammates call me: "Annie," (except for Layne)

Favorite soccer player: Michael Bradley

Favorite movie: Billy Madison

Favorite web site: postsecret.com

Favorite CD or music artist: Bob Marely

Favorite snack: green grapes

Favorite meal at the Rice servery: cinnamon rolls with extra frosting

Favorite class at Rice: any Spanish class

I chose to attend Rice because: great academics and a brand new experience

What I like most about college life at Rice: meeting so many interesting people

Pet peeve: slow drivers!

One athlete (non soccer player) I would like to meet: Ladainian Tomlinson

One person (non athlete) I would like to meet: Jack Johnson

On Twitter, I follow: no time fore that, I'm already addicted enough to Facebook

Favorite moment of my soccer career so far: scoring in OT in California off of Hopey's assist :)

Who got me interested in soccer: my daddy

The best soccer advice I ever had: "anticipate the anticipation"

Favorite sport besides soccer: skiing. Slalom baby.

When Rice started soccer for the first time 10 years ago (2001), I was busy: playing the role of Mr. Tumnus in our 6th grade play, Narnia.

The Rice teams I like to watch play their sport: volleyball and baseball

I describe myself as: easy going

My teammates think I am: really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Other than myself, the Rice Owl to keep an eye on this season: Amy Beger, that granny gots skillz.

The Rice soccer player with the best non-soccer talent: Jobin being a Jobinator!!

One thing I'd like to say, but you didn't ask: I LOVE MY TEAM.

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